Job Shadowing Opportunities

A job shadow is a career exploration experience for individuals providing one-on-one time with an employee.  The individual will learn about a position by walking through the work as a “shadow” to a competent team member.  The job shadower observes daily activities and can ask questions about the job and the industry.  Job shadowing allows the individual to determine career compatibility and responsibilities. 

Who May Job Shadow

Anyone at least 16 years old, including students, team members, or others may request a job shadow.  A student, who is under the age of 18 years, may only job shadow with parental/guardian consent. 


The duration of job-shadowing experiences are a minimum of 2 hours and shall not exceed two full working days (i.e., 24 hours).  Exceptions may be possible for participants needing extended job shadowing for entry into a career or college program, or to meet requirements for a program of study.  Job shadowing is limited to observation only; the shadower would not be expected to offer direct work experience, responsibility, or skills.

Use the link below to request information on job shadowing at least 8 weeks prior to the requested date of shadow experience.