Internship Opportunities

Internships provide students and post-graduates with professional experience in the furtherance of their educational or professional interest as part of a formal or informational educational program. Internships are academically or entry level role oriented and assist individuals in reaching their educational goals by giving them the opportunity to augment classroom instruction with exposure to a real world employment setting.

Baptist Memorial Health Care supports opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience, obtain specialized skills, and learn more about healthcare. We have unpaid and paid internship opportunities in select departments.


The duration of an internship is typically no more than 12 weeks.  Exceptions may be made for certain practicum and capstone internships which require a specific number of hours total hours (i.e., >240 hours).  For unpaid internships completed while attending school, hours worked should range from 10 to 20 hours per week, while those completed during summer vacation or after graduation, hours can range from 35 to 40 hours per week. Paid internship are 35 to 40 hours per week.

Learning Objectives

Each internship will require completion of learning objectives. By completing specific learning objectives, the internship aids the student in exploration of the work environment, organizational culture, ability to interact with diverse personalities, and assist the student in determining if they are well suited to career opportunities within the field.

Please click on the link below to inquire about an internship experience. It is recommended that students request information at least 12 weeks prior to requested internship experience.

Please note: If you are seeking a clinical internship, you must contact your college/university faculty advisor or Student Services Office for a current clinical affiliation with Baptist. The Center for Career Development does not handle clinical internship requests.

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