New Memphis

Now more than ever, Memphis needs talent. Our businesses need talent to thrive, our government needs talent to solve problems, our schools need talent to educate our youth, our communities need talent to innovate and work for a better future.


A greater Memphis continually transformed and renewed by an inclusive community of developed and connected leaders.


To forge a more prosperous and vital New Memphis by developing, activating, and retaining talent.


We champion our city. We share our passion for Memphis and focus on how to make Memphis even more livable and lovable. We view our work and our community through positive lens, shining a light on those who are helping shape a better future.

We creatively solve problems. 
We know that improving our city and ourselves is essential and ongoing. We approach our work with ingenuity and a determined spirit, embracing challenges and uniting varying perspectives.

We are committed to inclusion. 
We believe a prosperous Memphis is one where everyone is welcome, and everyone can thrive, and we aspire to demonstrate that ideal on our team and in our programming. We foster true belonging, empowering leaders who are inclusive to the core.

We believe in the power of people. 
We know successful organizations — and cities — are powered by great people working together. We work to develop a pipeline of civically responsible leaders who collaborate to help Memphis live into its full potential.

We are accountable. 
We are a team that you can rely on’ if we say we’ll do something, we will do it to the best of our ability. We take pride in our work and ourselves, aiming to always lead by example and deliver excellence.

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