April 2024 Newsletter

TIP OF THE MONTH: Learn to Adapt, Overcome and Achieve 

Resilience, flexibility and agility are important qualities to cultivate to stay competitive and adapt to changing circumstances. By developing these qualities, team members can position themselves to succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace and maintain a competitive edge.

These three tips can help you get started:

  1. Embrace change and be willing to learn new skills or technologies to stay relevant in your field. Adapt to new situations, environments and challenges by being flexible and open-minded.
  1. To build resiliency, focus on establishing strong, healthy relationships with loved ones, friends and other team members. These relationships can give you needed support and help guide you in good and bad times.
  1. Strive to be the first one on your team to take on a new challenge or address a technology update. Communicate your willingness to take on these challenges with your leader.

Assess Your Current Adaptability Level

Assess your current adaptability level using one of our Skill Benchmark assessments or jump right into learning with the featured assets we have handpicked for this topic in the BMHCC Resilience & Perseverance content in Percipio.

 Skillsoft Percipio offers content focused on resilience, flexibility and agility: 

Check out our Center for Career Development website for additional resources, and schedule an appointment with a career coach. Please request access to Percipio by emailing cfcd@bmhcc.org.

 Featured Career Development Resources

Watch: BMHCC Communication Essentials: Expanding Your Communication Skill Set

Skillsoft Percipio offers a comprehensive list of self-paced courses focused on Communications Skills. Check out the options under the Center for Career Development menu in the Library on Percipio’s website. If you have questions or need access to Percipio, please reach out to the Center for Career Development at cfcd@bmhcc.org.

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By Ashley Burnett
Ashley Burnett